Stefanie Fischer

Stefanie Fischer
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
University of California, Santa Barbara
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Graduate Student Fellow

Stefanie Fischer received her Ph.D. in the Economics Department at the University of California Santa Barbara, in 2015. Her training is in the fields of Applied Econometrics and Labor Economics with specific research interests in the areas of education, poverty, crime and health. She is particularly interested in understanding the outcomes of historically marginalized groups. 

Currently, Stefanie is working on several projects related to human capital accumulation. The Academic Achievement of American Indians (with Chris Stoddard) was recently published in the Economics of Education Review. This paper documents the American Indian-white test score gap and investigates the effect that disadvantaged family background, reservation schools, and self identity have on this achievement gap.

Broom Graduate Associate


Fischer, Stefanie. 2013.
"The Academic Achievement of American Indians"
Economics of Education Review 
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