immigration, race and ethnicity

immigration, race and ethnicity

Research under this area, coordinated by Professor Erika Arenas, is multidisciplinary and uses a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods to understand a changing California, United States and the World. In addition to fertility and mortality, migration is the third basic source of population change. Immigration refers to population movements across national borders and has particular consequences resulting from state control and large socioeconomic and cultural differences. Demographers of migration and immigration focus on its causes and consequences for human populations and societies. Demographers also study changing population composition by race and ethnicity due to migration, fertility, mortality, aging and other population processes as well as how migration affects socioeconomic and health inequalities among ethnoracial groups. Demographers are increasingly interested in how socioeconomic variables like social status, gender and the nation-state affect ethnoracial classification and identification. 

Area director: Erika Arenas

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