broom center seminar series

2021/22 Schedule

Seminars are held on Mondays 1:00 - 2:15 pm in North Hall 2111, unless otherwise specified. For regular email updates on Seminar access, click on the "subscribe" button on this page.


Monday, September 27 (remote): Erin Kelly (MIT, Work and Organization Studies) "Overload: How Good Jobs Went Bad and What We Can Do About It" Host: Sarah Thébaud

Monday, October 11: Sara Lowes (UC San Diego, Economics) "Traditional Supernatural Beliefs and Prosocial Behavior." Host: Heather Royer

Monday, October 25: Cate Taylor  (UCSB, Sociology) "Gender Essentialist Views are Related to Lower Support for Legal Abortion."

Monday, November 1: Nicole Thompson González  (UCSB, Biobehavioral Health Lab Manager) "Biomarkers in the Social Sciences and the Biobehavioral Health Lab at UCSB."

Monday, November 8: Alan Cohen (University of Sherbrooke, Department of Family Medicine) "What is aging and how do we measure it? Bridging biology and social science perspectives" Host: Mike Gurven

Monday, November 15 (remote): Sonia Bhalotra (University of Warwick, Economics) " Adolescent Antidepressant Use and School Performance - Evidence from Danish Administrative Data." Host: Kelsey Jack

Monday, November 22: Sara Lopus (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Social Science) "Educational Expansion and Family Formation in Sub-Saharan Africa." Host: Cate Taylor

Thursday Nov 11 is a university holiday.
Thanksgiving is Thurs Nov 25. 


Monday, January 10: Kathy Baylis (UCSB, Geography) "How do Food Subsidies in Developing Countries Affect Child Nutrition?"

Monday, January 31 (remote): Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez (UCLA, Community Health Studies) "Modeling Biological Age and Its Link with the Aging Process." Host Erika Arenas

Monday, February 7 (remote): Ryan Gabriel (Brigham Young University, Sociology) "Race, Adolescent Exposure to Segregation, and Adulthood Residential Mobility into and out of Lower-Poverty Neighborhoods." Host: Liz Ackert

Monday, February 28 (remote): Christopher Barrett (Cornell University, Economics) "Food Security Dynamics in the United States, 2001-2017." Host: Kathy Baylis

Monday, March 7: Ellora Derenoncourt (Princeton University, Economics) "Wealth of Two Nations: The US Racial Gap from 1860-2020." Host: Shelly Lundberg

Notes: Mon Jan 17 and Mon Feb 21 are university holidays


Monday, April 4: Heather Royer, Susie Cassels, Maria Charles (UCSB, Economics, Geography, Sociology) "Professional Development: The Nuts and Bolts of Grants and Publications"

Monday, April 11 (remote): Christopher Golden (Harvard, Environmental Health, Global Health and Population) "The Impact of Global Wildlife Declines on Human Nutrition" Host: Mike Gurven

Monday, April 25 (remote): Hedwig Lee (Washington University in St. Louis, Sociology) "Exploring the Role of Skin Tone in the Risk of Being Killed by Police among Black Americans" Host: Liz Ackert

Monday, May 9: Pamela Paxton (University of Texas at Austin, Sociology) "Deconstructed and Constructive Logistics: Explaining Inclusive Language Change in Queer Nonprofits, 1998-2016." Host: Maria Charles

Monday, May 23: Emily Smith-Greenaway (University of Southern California, Sociology & Spatial Sciences) "Demographers and the Study of Mortality: What Can We Learn from a Bereavement Perspective?" Host: David Lawson

Notes: Mon May 30 is a university holiday

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