broom center seminar series

2020/21 Schedule

Seminars are held on Mondays 1:00 - 2:15 pm, unless otherwise specified. During the 2020/21 academic year, Fall and Winter Quarter meetings will be remote; Spring Quarter plans are still to be determined. For regular email updates on Seminar access, click on the "subscribe" button on this page.


Monday, October 5, 3:00PM: Andrew Foster (Brown, Economics) "Start What You Finish! Ex Ante Risk and Schooling Investments in the Presence of Dynamic Complementarities" Host: Kelsey Jack

Monday, October 19: Alexandra Killewald (Harvard University, Sociology) "Have Changing Family Demographics Narrowed the Gender Wage Gap?" Host: Maria Charles

Monday, November 2: Jennifer Beam Dowd (University of Oxford, Demography and Population Health) "Perspectives from a Pandemic: Demographic Insights and Battling the "Infodemic" Host: Susie Cassels

Monday, November 16, 4:00PM: Khandis Blake (University of New South Wales) "Sex, Money and Gender Roles: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Resolving Gendered Conflict" Host: David Lawson

Monday, December 7: Michelle Budig (University of Massachusetts Amherst, Sociology) "Mothers' Employment and Labor Market Outcomes among Ethno-Religious Groups in Israel" Host: Sarah Thébaud

Monday Nov 9 is a university holiday.
Thanksgiving is Thurs Nov 26. 


Monday, January 11, 10:00AM: Rebecca Sear (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) "The Myth of the 'Traditional' Nuclear Family: Evidence, Causes and Consequences" Host: Mike Gurven

Monday, January 25: Gabriella Conti (University College London, Economics) "Health effects and role genetics in home visiting programmes" Host: Heather Royer

Monday, February 8: Liana Sayer (University of Maryland, Sociology) "Country and Weekday/Weekend Variation in Associations of Employment with Mothers' Unpaid Work" Host: Maria Charles

Monday, February 22: Rachel Carmody (Harvard, Human Evolutionary Biology) "Ecological sensitivity of the human gut microbiome"  Host: Mike Gurven

Monday, March 8: Goleen Samari (Columbia, Population and Family Health) "Anti-Muslim Racism and Structural Impacts on Health" Host: Liz Ackert 

Notes: Mon Jan 18 and Mon Feb 15 are university holidays


Monday, March 29: John Park (UCSB, Asian American Studies) "Korean Migrations to the United States After 1965: From Settlement to Circulation"

Monday, April 26: Andrew Tatem (University of Southampton, Geography) "Geospatial data integration for mapping population distributions, demographics and dynamics" Host: Susie Cassels

Monday, May 10: Andrés Villarreal (UCLA, Sociology) "Immigrants' Economic Assimilation: Evidence from Longitudinal Earnings Records" Host: Maria Charles

Monday, May 17: Broom Center Alumni Career Panel

Monday, May 24: Ellora Derenoncourt (UC Berkeley, Economics) "Regenerating Opportunity: Reverse Migration and Black Suburbanization in the South, 1970-2020" Host: Shelly Lundberg

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