broom center seminar series

2022/23 Schedule

Seminars are held on Mondays 1:00 - 2:15 pm in North Hall 2111, unless otherwise specified. For regular email updates on Seminar access, click on the "subscribe" button on this page.


Monday, October 10: Aashish Mehta (UCSB, Global Studies) and Zachary Bleemer (Yale, Economics) "College Major Restrictions and Student Stratification"

Monday, October 24 (remote): Amber Wutich (Arizona State, Human Evolution and Social Change) "Bad Relations? Cross-cultural Patterning in Water Sharing and Mental III-health" Host: David Lawson

Monday, October 31: Lab Open House: 12:15 pm NH 1053 (Broom lab), lunch provided.
Student presentations: 1:00 NH 2111: Nicoline Josephine Bach, Amelia Pludow, Sophia Arabadjis

Monday, November 7: Waverly Duck (UCSB, Sociology) and Andrea Richardson (Rand) "Impacts on Discriminatory Mortgage Lending Practices on Obesity" 

Monday, November 21: Marianne Page (UC Davis, Economics) "Generational Persistence in the Effects of an Early Childhood Health Intervention" Host: Shelly Lundberg

Monday, November 28

Friday Nov 11 is a university holiday.
Thanksgiving is Thurs Nov 24. 


Monday, January 9: Susan Alberts (Duke, Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology) "'The Medicine of Life': Social Life and Survival in Wild Primates" Host: Nicole Thompson Gonzáles

Monday, January 23: René Flores (University of Chicago, Sociology) "Who are the "Immigrants"?: How Whites' Diverse Perceptions of Immigrants Shape Their Attitudes" Host Maria Charles

Monday, January 30: Emily G. Jacobs (UCSB, Psychological and Brain Sciences) "The Scientific Body of Knowledge - Whose Body does it Serve? A Spotlight on Women's Brain Health"

Monday, February 6: Christin L. Munsch (University of Connecticut, Sociology) "Shapeshifting: Academic Social Science and the Illusion of Gender Equality" Host: Cate Taylor

Monday, February 27: Erin Lentz (University of Texas, Austin, Public Affairs) "How do Women's Empowerment Metrics Measure Up? A Cross Metric Analysis" Host: Kathy Baylis

Monday, March 13: Caitlin Meyers (Middlebury, Economics) "Forecasts for a post-Roe America: The effects of increased travel distance on abortions and births" Host: Heather Royer

Notes: Mon Jan 16 and Mon Feb 20 are university holidays


Monday, April 10: Ann Owens (USC, Sociology) "Separation and Inequality: Income Segregation and the Educational Attainment Gap" Host: Liz Ackert

Monday, April 24: Annie Ro (UC Irvine, Public Health) "Undocumented Immigrants' Health Care Utilization in Los Angeles County" Host: Erika Arenas

Monday, May 8: Noli Brazil (UC Davis, Community & Regional Development) "Racial Inequality and the Social Determinants of Health in the Neighborhood Networks of Urban Mobility in US Cities" Host: Stuart Sweeney

Monday, May 22: Mahasin Muhajid (UC Berkeley, Epidemiology) "Uprooted: Health Inequities and the Embodiment of Structural Racism" Host: Mike Gurven

Friday, June 2, 1:00-2:30 PM: "Post Pandemic Population Challenges: A Panel of Population Center Directors" 
Jennie Brand, UCLA, Director, California Center for Population Research 
Sara Curran, University of Washington, Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology 
Wendy Manning, Bowling Green State University, Center for Family and Demographic Research
Please note different location: McCune Conference Room, 6020 HSSB

Monday, June 5: Alyssa Crittenden (University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Anthropology) "Hunter-gatherers in Transition: Ecological, Social, and Reproductive Trends Among Hadzabe of Tanzania" Host: Mike Gurven

Notes: Mon May 31 is a university holiday

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