broom center seminar series

2023/24 Schedule

Seminars are held on Mondays 1:00 - 2:15 pm in North Hall 2111, unless otherwise specified. For regular email updates on Seminar access, click on the "subscribe" button on this page.


Monday, October 16: Erika Arenas (UCSB, Sociology) "Does Lighter mean Healthier? Skin Color and Health Status among Mexican Immigrants." 

Monday, October 23: William Scarborough (University of Northern Texas, Sociology)  "Structural Racism and Racial Disparities in Homelessness Across the United States."  Host: Erika Arenas

Friday, October 27, 12:00-1:00pm, Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Room 2001a: 
Zane Thayer (University of Dartmouth, Anthropology) "How Social Inequities Create Health Inequities: An Integration of Social and Biological Mechanisms." 

Monday, November 6: Carole Joffe (UC San Francisco, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences) "Dobbs is a Disaster! The Role of the Medical Profession on the Road to Overturning Roe." Host: Cate Taylor 

Monday, November 20: Juan Pedroza (UC Santa Cruz, Sociology) "Lost in Translation: Language Segregation in the United States." Host: Liz Ackert

Friday Nov 10 is a university holiday.
Thanksgiving is Thurs Nov 23. 


Monday, January 8: David Silver (UCSB, Economics) "Task Allocation, Specialization, and Careers: Evidence from Obstetrics."

Monday, January 29: Maria-Elena Young (UC Merced, Public Health) "Measuring the Health Influence of Immigrant Policy: Lessons from the RIGHTS Study." Host: Susie Cassels

Monday, February 12: Awa Ambra Seck (Harvard, Post-Doc at Weatherhead Center for International Affairs) "En Route: The French Colonial Army, Emigration, and Development in Morocco." Host: Rebecca Dizon-Ross

Monday, February 26: Mackenzie Alston (University of Illinois, Economics/Finance) "Black Lives Matter for Productivity: Heterogeneous Impacts of the 2020 Social Justice Movement on Faculty." Host Kathy Baylis

Monday, March 11: Hannes Schwandt (Northwestern, Human Development and Social Policy) "Birth and Death in the United States." Host: Heather Royer

Notes: Mon Jan 15 and Mon Feb 19 are university holidays


Monday, April 8: Chris Fowler (Penn State, Geography) Host: Stuart Sweeney/Alan Murray 

Monday, April 22: Allison Aiello (Columbia, Public Health) Host: Mike Gurven 

Monday, May 6: Sam Urlacher (Baylor, Anthropology) Host: Mike Gurven

Monday, May 13: Rebecca Dizon-Ross (University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, Economics) "Incentivizing Exercise to Curb Chronic Disease in India." Host: Shelly Lundberg

Monday, May 20: Siwan Anderson (Vancouver School of Economics) "The Persistence of Female Political Power in Africa." Host: Shelly Lundberg 

Notes: Mon May 27 is a university holiday

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