May 4, 2015: "Environmental and Economic Impacts on Human Demography"

Population scholars from all over the world, and from several disciplines, will be gathering in San Diego April 30-May 2 for the annual meetings of the Population Association of America.  On May 4, several distinguished members of this group will join us here at UCSB to present and discuss their work.   The first session focuses on European demography and, in particular, demographic responses to the Great Recession.  The second session includes papers on innovative methods for measuring spatial inequality and social mobility.  In the afternoon, the focus shifts to the intersection of health, the environment, and population, concluding with a panel discussion of research frontiers in this area by UCSB faculty and visitors.

Workshop Participants:

Francisca M Antman (University of Colorado, Boulder) “For want of a cup:  The rise of tea in England and the impact of water quality on economic development”

Francesco Billari (Oxford University) “Employment and fertility during the Great Recession: evidence from Italy”

Barbara Entwistle (University of North Carolina) “Data infrastructure for the 21st century: Challenges of fully integrating PHE”

John Ermisch (Oxford University) “Social Mobility”

Aart Liefbroer (Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute) “Childhood disadvantage and demographic choices in young adulthood: A European perspective”

Fernando Riosmena (University of Colorado, Boulder) “A reflection on the association between (precipitation) variability and US migration out of rural Mexico”

Michael White (Brown University) "Developing Spatial Inequality in Africa"