Biodemography and Evolution

Alexis Wang

graduate student associates
Department of Economics
UC Santa Barbara
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Graduate Student Fellow

I have a keen interest in exploring how immigration, gender dynamics, and family structures are influenced by policy and socio-economic factors. My research aims to illuminate the complex interplay between these elements and their impact on fertility choices and demographic shifts, particularly within immigrant communities.


Kristine Chua

research associates
UC Santa Barbara
Postdoctoral Scholar

Kristine Joy Chua is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Anthropology at UC Santa Barbara. Her work integrates evolutionary and biocultural perspectives for understanding human pregnancy and maternal-fetal stress biology in populations experiencing social and health inequalities. She works closely with pregnant Filipina women in the Philippines and Filipina American mothers in Southern California. She also examines the role cultural practices play in shaping health norms. Currently, she is exploring how the bidirectional exchange of maternal and fetal cells is sustained during pregnancy, and how the maternal immune system maintains tolerance for these fetal cells using a mixed-methods approach. In addition to her academic work, she maintains her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through undergraduate mentorship, partnerships with K-12 educators, and collaborations with community stakeholders. She earned her BS in Psychobiology from UC Los Angeles, her MS in Psychology from Oklahoma State University, and her PhD from UC Los Angeles.

Metapopulation dynamics of infectious disease transmission in a small-scale Amazonian society.


Kraft, T, Seabright, E., Alami, S., Hooper, P., Beheim, B., Davis, H., Garcia, A., Cummings, D., Eid Rodriguez, D., Gutierrez Cayuba, M., Trumble, B., Stieglitz, J., Kaplan, H., Gurven, M2023 


PLoS Biology 21(8): e3002108.

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