Y.L. Anne Wong

Y.L. Anne Wong
Department of Sociology
UC Santa Barbara
Broom Center Affiliation(s)

Graduate Student Fellow

Anne Wong is a doctoral student at the department of sociology. She is interested in studying how different social and cultural contexts affect the ways men and women make field of study and occupational choices. Her master's thesis compared the motivations of graduate students from the United States and several Asian countries (China, India, and South Korea) to enter the field of computer science, and their different gendered understandings of the field. She hopes that her work can shed light on the reasons for the higher representations of women in developing countries than in advance industrialized countries. 

Broom Graduate Associate


Blair-Loy, Mary, Laura E. Rogers, Daniela Glaser, Y. L. Anne Wong, Danielle Abraham, and Pamela C. Cosman. 2017
"Gender in Engineering Departments: Are there Gender Differences in Interruptions of Academic Job Talks?"
Social Sciences 6(1), 29.
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