Sophia Arabadjis

Department of Geography
UC Santa Barbara
Postdoc for Implementation Science and Population Health program at the City University of New York

Sophia Arabadjis finished her PhD in the Department of Geography in 2024. She is broadly interested in how health and wellbeing vary by cumulative environmental and social exposures and is especially focused on how we measure exposures, effects and and uncertainty in a variety of geographic contexts. While at UCSB, Dr. Arabadjis completed a Master's in Statistics and Data Science as well as the Demography Emphasis offered by the Broom Center. She was also the Broom Lab Manager for several years. 

Post graduation, Dr. Arabadjis has joined the Implementation Science and Population Health program at the City University of New York as a postdoc on a project assessing changing health outcomes and health care access for persons living with HIV because of climate variability. She is also a fellow in the University of California Center for Climate Health Equity. 

Grants, Awards and Distinctions:

Graduate Division: Graduate Student Academic Advancement: Scholarly Collaborations ($890.80). GPS Talks: Geography Professionals and Students. New department speaker series hosted by Geography Outreach and Visibility Committee Arabadjis, S.D. (Founding Organizer / PI) Department of Geography UC-Santa Barbara

Multidisciplinary Research for COVID-19 and its Impacts Grant ($6,000). NCASE: Network Connectivity Among Students Enrolled. Team lead of graduate student collaborative team. ($2,000 direct support) (PI) Department of Geography UC-Santa Barbara

Chancellor's Scholar (Central Fellowship)

Broom Graduate Associate


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